Review: Generation Of Smartphones, Dumb People

I can’t help but make a quick review of this video after I watched it. Not to mention that I also consider myself as a frustrated writer. Sure, this video obviously has a good intention behind it but I just don’t think I can agree that we now live in a smartphone-dumb-people generation. For me it is a very insensitive, exaggerated and ungrateful thing to say. We all benefit from technology. People who the video called “rich greedy bastards”,
they spend a lot of time and effort to study to make everyone’s life more convenient and fascinating and I think they truly deserve the money that they’re getting for it. With the smartphones, tablets and internet connection, we can interact with the people we love even across the globe. Remember the time when we only get to write letters to our family overseas? When I was still a baby my father had to be in different countries for some time for work. I saw the postcards that my parents exchanged then and I thought it must be quite a lonely time. Recently, my new born nephew here in Manila had already been seen by his father through Sykpe who is currently in Macau for work. He is arriving soon though to carry his baby in his arms and reunite with his wife. Isn’t it beautiful? That now we can also share our lives to people who became a part of our lives at some point through social networking and for that it seems that we never lose connection? Because otherwise we could just come and go from each other’s lives and not hear from each other ever again. And isn’t it really cool to be able to capture moments you would love to re-live anytime you want because, oh the smartphone that you got has a high-definition camera too? Or put earphones to your ears and listen to your favorite song instead of eavesdropping or maybe just to help you fall asleep while traveling? Though I agree that life can be more pleasant to actually turn up from your gadgets and talk to people face to face or simply appreciate the surroundings and all, modern technology doesn’t stop any of us from doing and enjoying these things but instead, it gives us a lot of better ways to do it, doesn’t it? Apple never told us to stop seeing our friends and just keep talking to them through FaceTime or iMessage nor did they tell us that it is better to play games using an iPad instead of actually taking the kids to an actual and physical playground. Like the old saying goes, anything excessive can be harmful. Therefore, I think the only key is moderation.
In the world that we live, what we have is a lot of amazing options because of technology. Options that people from the old ages didn’t have. I just thought the least that we can do is be thankful. Won’t you agree? 😉


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